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(5 - 25 and 5000 Violet Numbers)
10 Senator Shelley Capito (R-WV) The Miner League
15 Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) Team Tillis
20 Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) Team Cotton
25 Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) The Whipper Snappers
5000 Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) Team Duckworth

(100 - 160 Green Numbers)
100 Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) The Hot Rods
105 Representative Susan Davis (D-CA) Susan’s Striders
110 Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) Reed Racers
115 Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) Team Hartzler
120 Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) Russian to the Finish Line
125 Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Hot Mess
130 Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Red White & Blumenauer
135 Representative Tim Walz (D-MN) Hotdash (This is how we Casserole)
140 Representative Kathleen Rice (D-NY) The Dark Knight Rices
145 Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN) Cooper
150 Representative Mike Gallager (R-WI) Gallopers
155 Representative Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) LiSPRINTski’s
160 Representative Evan Jenkins (R-WV) Coal is King

(400 - 560 White Numbers)
400 Paul Ryan, Deputy Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Fast Neutrons
405 Joel Rynes, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Fast Neutrons
410 Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer (Census Bureau) The Census Seven
415 Vanessa Allen-Sutherland, Chairperson (US Chemical Safety Board) Thermal Runaways
420 Robert McCarty, Chief Financial Officer (Corporation for National & Community Service) We RUN National Service
425 Emily Pierce, Assistant Director (Securities and Exchange Commission) Running the Markets
430 Terrell McSweeny, Commissioner (Federal Trade Commission) FTC – Faster Than Competition
435 Henry Whitaker, Deputy Asst. Attorney General (Department of Justice) Form and Leg-ality
440 Meredith Broadbent, Commissioner (International Trade Commission) ITC You at the Finish Line
445 Ron Jarmin, Associate Director (Census Bureau) Tm Nm Bdg Ct
450 Kris Besch, Director; Global Operations (Peace Corps) No Running Water
455 Doug Clift, Program Manager (Census Bureau) Sum-day We’ll Come to Our Census
460 Vance Stewart, III, Director of Investment (Legislative Liaison) US Army
465 Sandra Kusumoto, Division Director, (Federal Maritime Commission) Ship Shape
470 William Doyle, Commissioner (Federal Maritime Commission) Fantail Fleet
475 William Conwell, Asst. Deputy Administrator (National Nuclear Security Administration) Safe Secure and Effective
480 Major General Patrick Murphy, Director (National Guard Bureau Joint Staff) Original Homeland Defense
485 John Lewis, Deputy Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Radioactive Runners
490 Clarence Johnson, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Team Bremsstrahlung
495 France Córdova, Director (National Science Foundation) Stars and Striders
500 Kris Rowley, CDO (GSA) Three Letter Agency 2
505 Navin Vembar, CTO (GSA) Three Letter Agency 3
510 David Shive, CIO (GSA) Three Letter Agency 1
515 Jay Hurt, CFO (Department of Education) The Customer Connection
520 Heather MacDougall, Acting Chairman (Occupational Safety & Review Comm.) Safety Runners
525 Rear Admiral John Nadeau (US Coast Guard HQ) USCG
530 Melissa Bishop, Director (National Security Council) From Russia With Love
535 Vanessa Curtis, Director (National Security Council) From Russia With Love
540 Lucian Sikorskyj, Director (National Security Council) From Russia With Love
545 Larry Parkinson, Dir of Enforcement (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Famously Energetic Racing Crew (FERC)
550 Matthew Sessa, Deputy COO (Department of Education) ED.WArriors
555 Monte Hawkins, Senior Director (National Security Council) From Russia With Love
560 Joel Cohen, Director(National Security Council) From Russia With Love

(700 - 920 Orange Numbers)
700 Meredith Wadman (Science Magazine) Spooky Action
705 Tim Appenzeller (Science Magazine) Evidence in Action
710 Danielle Newman (The Washington Post) The Honorable Mentions
715 John Miley (Kiplinger) Kip Runners
720 Sandy Block (Kiplinger) Kip Joggers
725 Jessica Morrison (Chemical & Engineering News) A Running Experiment
730 Kelyn Soong (The Washington Post) Newsprinters
735 Moriah Balingit (The Washington Post) Swashbucklers
740 Scott Allen (The Washington Post) The Racing Presidents
745 Steve Hendrix (The Washington Post) Frenemies of the People
750 Paul Farhi (The Washington Post) Distance Runners Dash in Darkness
755 Mike Plunkett (The Washington Post) The Late K’s
760 Brian Wolly (Smithsonian) Nobody Puts BeiBei in the Corner
765 Rachel Gross (Smithsonian) BaoBao Down to the Queens
770 Sam Hananel (Associated Press) Make AP Runners Fast Again #1
775 Darlene Superville (Associated Press) Make AP Runners Fast Again #2
780 Kelly Field (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Chron Stoppable
785 Goldie Blumenstyk (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Most Dishonest People You’ll Ever Beat
790 Sara Hebel (The Chronicle of Higher Education) The Chron-churian Candidate
795 Karin Fischer (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Coffee Run
800 Rich Monasterksy (Nature Magazine) Brexiting as Fast as We Can
805 Tom Curry (CQ Roll Call) Herd on the Hill
810 Shawn Zeller (CQ Roll Call) News Travels Fast
815 Chris Hale (CQ Roll Call) Edit Orioles
820 Paul Fain (Inside Higher Education) Better Off Ed
825 Courtney Snelling (Bloomberg BNA) Border Adjustment Tacks
830 Rick Manville (Bloomberg BNA) Not So Blooming Fast
835 Steven Roll (Bloomberg BNA) RogueBNA
840 Alex Parker (Bloomberg BNA) Terminal Velocity
845 Anna Yukhananov (Morning Consult) MoCoSlowMo
850 Cameron Easley (Morning Consult) We’re in Love With the MoCo
855 Blake Sobczak (E & E News) Who Knew Running Was So Complicated?
860 Amanda Reilly(E & E News) Swamp Scribes
865 Caitlin Peters (AARP The Magazine) Just Jogging Our Memories
870 Bill Horne (AARP The Magazine) Geezy Striders
875 Jim Lenahan (AARP The Magazine) Rickety Splits
880 Derek Wallbank (Bloomberg) The Bloomberg Way Behind
885 Chris Flavelle (Bloomberg) Daily Scrum
890 Catarina Saraiva (Bloomberg) Running Over Alternative Facts
895 Greg Stohr (Bloomberg) Zoomberg
900 Susannah Locke ( Till Death Do Us Chart
905 Elizabeth Nelson ( ExplaiNerds
910 Tina Reed (Washington Business Journal) In the Room Where It Happens
915 Natalia Angola-Hinkson (Circa) Humans of Circa
920 Dan Milano (Circa) Alternative 5Ks

(1100 - 1205 Grey Numbers)
1100 Rich Edson (Fox Business News) The Power to Perspire
1105 Andrea McCarren (WUSA9-TV) Tweet Don’t Fail Me Now
1110 Ellen Bryan (WUSA9-TV) Tweet Don’t Fail Me Now
1115 Debra Alfarone (WUSA9-TV) The W-USAin Bolts
1120 Adam Longo (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Breaking Shews
1125  John Henry (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Breaking Shews
1130 Mike Valerio (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Breaking Shews
1135 Larry Miller (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Breaking Shews
1140 James Stevenson (Voice of America) Vetted Older Athletes
1145 Jason Beaubien (NPR) Beaubien: French for Eat Our Dust
1150 Sam Sanders (NPR) Desperation is a Stinky Cologne
1155 Camila Domonoske (NPR) Finishing Up First
1160 Pam Fessler (NPR) Morning Endurance
1165 Gene Demby (NPR) Road Switch
1180 Jon Hamilton (NPR) Run for Your Mic
1185 Laurel Wamsley (NPR) Skunkbear Road Kill
1190 Tamara Keith (NPR) The Taminators
1200 Brian Naylor (NPR) Wait, Wait, Isn’t it Rest Day?
1205 Margaret Brennan (CBS News) CBS Eye Openers

1400 - 1455 Blue Numbers)
1400 Judge Cornelia Pillard (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Pillard Pack
1405 Judge Amit Mehta (US District Court for DC) With All Deliberate Speed
1410 Judge Raymond Chen (Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit) Learned Feet
1415 Judge Brett Kavanaugh (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) D. C. Circuitry
1420 Judge Randolph Moss (US District Court for the District of Columbia) The Mossdemeanors
1425 Judge Yvonne Williams (DC Superior Court) Get in -Judicial- Formation
1430 Judge Craig Iscoe (DC Superior Court) Iscoe’s Locoes
1435 Judge Florence Pan (DC Superior Court) Yes, We Pan
1440 Judge Heidi Pasichow (DC Superior Court) Mental Health Court-A Great Diversion
1445 Judge Robert Okun (DC Superior Court) Tell It To the Judge
1450 Judge Robert Wilkins (US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit) The Fate of the Judicious
1455 Judge Kathleen Kerrigan (US Tax Court) Running is Taxing

(4000 - 4030 Yellow Numbers)
4000 Galen Rupp Celebrity Runner
4005 Donald Overton Former Specialist, US Army 82nd Airborne
4010 Thomas Samoluk John Hancock, VP
4015 Ben Brewster Nationwide
4020 Robert Friedman John Hancock, VP