The 32nd Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2013 Award Winners

Place & Category Name Team Time
Individual Winners

1st Male - Overall

Patrick Fernandez

Coast Guard Washington. . Running Soon


1st Female - Overall

Rachel Beckmann

Coast Guard Washington. . Running Soon


1st Senator - Male

Sen Rob Portman

Team Portman


1st Senator - Female

Sen Kelly Ayotte

Galloping Granite Staters


1st Rep. - Male (Mike Synar Award)

Rep Tom Cotton

Cotton Tail Rabbits


1st Rep. - Female

Rep Kyrsten Sinema

Hot Mess


1st Agency Head - Male

Daniel Elliott

STB-Surface Transport Board


1st Agency Head - Female

Leocadia Zak

USTDA - Trade Runners


1st Sub-Cabinet - Male

Thomas Lue

Cut and Run - OMB


1st Sub-Cabinet - Female

Amanda Ravitz



1st Fed.Judge - Male

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

D. C. Circuitry (US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit)


1st Fed Judge- Female

Judge Catharine Easterly

Race Judicata (DC Court of Appeals)


1st Print Journalist-Male

Blake Whitney

Our Presses Run Faster Than Us-Washington Business Journal


1st Print Journalist-Female

Kristin Coyner

CQ RC News Travels Fast


1st Electronic Journ.-Male

Jon Hamilton

North Capital Challengers - NPR


1st ElectronicJourn.-Female

Lulu Miller

Look Ma, NOMA - NPR


Winning Teams
Overall Team Winner
Senator Richard G. Lugar Award Full Blooded Intensity FBI
1st Senate Team Team Portman Sen Rob Portman
2nd Senate Team The Grassley Panters Sen Charles Grassley
1st House Team Cotton Tail Rabbits Rep Tom Cotton
2nd House Team Red, White & Blumenauer Rep Earl Blumenauer
1st Executive Branch Team Navy's Global Force for Speed US Navy
2nd Executive Branch Team Full Blooded Intensity FBI
1st Print Media Team Bloomberg Terminal Velocity Bloomberg News
2nd Print Media Team CQ RC News Travels Fast CQ/Roll Call
1st Electronic Media Team FBN: The Power to Perspire Fox Business News
2nd Electronic Media Team North Capital Challengers NPR
1st Judicial Team D. C. Circuitry US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit
2nd Judicial Team Expedited Motion DC Court of Appeals
Team Name Winners
Best Named Team Broken Down by Age & Sex Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer; Census Bureau
2nd Best Name Sciquest Racin' Jeffery Mervis, Science Magazine
3rd Best Name For Boston Inspired Michael Kortan, Assistant Director; FBI
Worst Named Team (James B. Kenin Award-1st) Swall's Well That End's Well Representative Eric Swallwell
2nd Worst Name Hoosier Mama Express Representative Susan Brooks
3rd Worst Name Running Stimulates the Census Doug Clift, Census Bureau
Best Spirit NPR