Next Race: May 12, 2022

There are many awards to run for...

(Male and Female divisions for awards below):
1st Overall
1st Senator 
1st Representative (Mike Synar Award) 
1st Cabinet Department or Independent Agency Head 
1st Sub-Cabinet 
1st Judge 
1st Print or Web Journalist* 
1st On-Air Electronic Journalist*

Male & Female divisions for all above awards.
*Must meet captain eligibility standards 

Top Two Senate Teams 
Top Two House Teams 
Top Two Judicial Teams 
Top Two Executive Branch Teams 
Top Two Print or Web Media Teams 
Top Two Electronic Media Teams (Radio, TV) 

We offer several special awards for those who suffer from Speed Deficit Disorder. Think up some original team names, particularly those teams who haven't come up with a new name since the Reagan era. Let's see new names, new uniforms and team spirit!
  • Best Team Name
  • James B. Kenin Award for the Worst Team Name
  • Special 40th  commemorative running medals to all finishers and a special ribbon  in addition to medal  for walkers.