Next Race: May 12, 2022

2022 Media Releases

05/10/22: Washington All Atwitter As 40th Capital Challenge Slated for May 12

04/11/22: Members of Congress and Administration Appointees Determined to Outrun Federal Judges and Media

03/01/22: 40th ACLI Capital Challenge Slated for Thursday, May 12

2021 Media Releases

09/27/21: Bipartisan Effort at Reconciliation Set for September 29

09/01/21: Bipartisan Effort Seeks to Prove Elected and Administration Officials Are Fit for Office

07/12/21: Date Set for Congress and Media to Face Off

02/26/21: Save the Date for the ACLI Capital Challenge September 29, 2021!

2020 Media Releases

07/29/20: The 39th Running of the ACLI Capital Challenge HAS BEEN CANCELLED

03/26/20: RACE POSTPONED: ACLI Capital Challenge Will Be Run Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

03/05/20: 2020 Political Race Heats Up as Media Prepares to Challenge Administration Appointees and Members of Congress

2019 Media Releases

05/24/19: Army Runs Over DC Opponents

05/10/19: Race Will Barr Fake News Outlets: Director Asserts His Executive Privilege

04/16/19: Members of Congress Vow to Speed Things Up

03/07/19: Members of Congress and Administration Seek to Avoid Hitting the Wall

2018 Media Releases

05/24/18: Threat of Stormy Weather Can't Stop Annual Run

05/11/18: VIP's Will Be Russian to Finish

04/16/18: Congressional Race Taking Extra Precautions to Avoid Russian Tampering with Results

03/07/18: Race Promotes Collusion Between Members of Congress, Media, the Judiciary, and Administration Appointees - But for a Good Cause

2017 Media Releases

05/24/17: Display of Bipartisan Fitness Trumps Ongoing Washington Controversies

05/12/17: Members of Congress Hit the Road Running

04/19/17: HUGE Washington Tradition Continues to Attract Bi-Partisan Support as VIP's Russian to Enter

03/14/17: Race Shows Many in Washington Establishment Exhibit High, Not Low, Energy: Event Makes America Sweat Again

2016 Media Releases

05/25/16: Navy Leaves Congress and White House in Its Wake

04/13/16: Presumptive Winners Enter Political Race

03/20/16: Establishment Puts Presidential Race Aside - Super Delegates Run From Media

03/10/16: Race Celebrates 35 Years of Keeping the Establishment on the Run

2015 Media Releases

05/27/15: Navy Leaves Congress in Its Wake

05/15/15: Bi-Partisan Run Off Nears - Administration Challenges Media and Congress

04/22/15: Fast Track Guaranteed When Congress Lines up with Media and Executive Branch as Judges Look On

03/05/15: ACLI Capital Challenge Seeks Continuing Resolution to Set Aside Partisan Wrangling

2014 Media Releases

05/30/14: Bi-Partisan Effort Results in Record Funding for Good Cause

05/15/14: End to Congressional Footdragging Nears ... Media Will Follow Closely

04/30/14: Politicians and Media Try to Put Best Foot Forward in Election Year

03/12/14: Race to the Top—Washington Leaders Try to Put Best Foot Forward

2013 Media Releases

05/28/13: Republicans Pull Fast One on Democrats

05/09/13: Crowded Field Vies to Be First to Cross the Line (Red)

04/23/13: Bi-Partisan Fast Track Scheduled for May 15

03/08/13: Bi-Partisan Footrace Just a Dream Act or Sincere Effort at Continuing Resolution of Political Differences?

2012 Media Releases

05/25/12: Navy Waves Good-Bye to Most Runners

05/10/12: Bipartisan Efforts To Speed Things Up Grip Washington

04/27/12: Super PAC of Washington Insiders Looks to Avoid Missteps

03/14/12: Congress and Executive Branch to Occupy Anacostia Park - Media and Judges Add to Expected Gridlock

2012 ACLI Capital Challenge in the News

2011 Media Releases

05/12/11: Team Navy Floats to Victory

04/28/11: Congressional Runners to Confront Oxygen Debt Ceiling

04/15/11: Bipartisan Belt Tightening Efforts on Display May 4

03/03/11: Will Democrats Sweat As Republicans Move To Reduce Oxygen Debt?

2010 Media Releases

05/06/10: Federal Agents Capture Elusive Prize

04/22/10: Bipartisan Group of Senators and Members of Congress Set for Major Energy Battle Next Week

04/20/10: 2010 Captain's List

04/09/10: Bipartisan Health Initiative Replaces Previous "Shrill Baby Shrill" Atmosphere

02/24/10: Another Battle Shaping Up Pitting Democrats Against Republicans


2009 Media Releases

05/14/09: Dash Gordon Races to Victory

04/23/09: Forty Members of Congress to Promote Stimulus Efforts

04/11/09: Slow Runners Bailout as Top Teams Drop Toxic Assets

02/26/09: Is New Administration up to the Challenge?