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(5 - 40 Violet Numbers)
5 Senator Shelley Capito (R-WV) The Miner League
10 Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Live Free and Run
15 Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) The Cornyn Supremacy
20 Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) Team Tillis
25 Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) Go For the Gold(en Lamb)
30 Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) Team Cotton
35 Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) Reedís Rangers
40 Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) Heidiís Harriers

(100 - 195 Green Numbers)
100 Representative Cheri Bustos (D-IL) Cheri Blossoms
105 Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Hot Mess
110 Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) Make America Graves Again
115 Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Red, White & Blumenauer
120 Representative Susan Davis (D-CA) Susanís Striders
125 Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) Southern Tier Striders
130 Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) Hot Rods
135 Representative Marc Veasey (D-TX) Veni Vidi Veasey
140 Representative Tim Walz (D-MN) Hitting the Walz
145 Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) #onlyhereforthelikes
150 Representative Jason Smith (R-MO) Make Missouri Fast Again
155 Representative Kathleen Rice (D-NY) The Dark Knight Rices
160 Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) Team Scalise
165 Representative Darin LaHood (R-IL) All Good in LaHood
170 Representative Rick Allen (R-GA) Green Jacket Racing Team
175 Representative Beto OíRourke (D-TX) Team OíRourke
180 Representative Chris Gibson (R-NY) Gibsonís Last Stand
185 Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) Cartwright Before the Horse
190 Representative Mia Love (R-UT) Team Love
195 Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) Team Hartzler

(400 - 630 White Numbers)
400 Shirin Ahmed, Assistant Director (Census Bureau) Slow Blood Counts
405 Enrique Lamas, Associate Director (Census Bureau) Let Us Count the Ways
410 Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer (Census Bureau) Census Short-Run Projections
415 Emily Pierce, Assistant Director (Securities and Exchange Commission) Our Speed Halts Greed
420 Asim Mishra, Chief of Staff (Corporation for National & Community Service) Youíve Been Served
425 Norman Bay, Chairman (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) FERCules (like Hercules)
430 Terrell McSweeney, Commissioner (Federal Trade Commission) FTC: Faster Than Competition
435 Doug Swift, Program Manager (Census Bureau) Runnerís Experiencing Census Overload
440 Jay Hurt, Chief Financial Officer (Department of Education) The Customer Connection
445 Karl Thompson, Principal Deputy Assistant (Department of Justice) Article II Legit II Quit
450 Paul Ryan, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) DNDO Fun Runners
455 Daniel Elliott, Chairman (Surface Transportation Board) Team STB
460 Clarence Johnson, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Gamma Group
465 Joseph Guzowski, Director to IG (Army Inspector General) The Running Deficiencies
470 Joel Rynes, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Fission Impossible
475 Jeff Marootian, Assistant Secretary (Department of Transportation) Faster Than Fast
480 Victoria Wassmer, CFO (Federal Aviation Administration) FASTest Spenders
485 Meredith Broadbent, Chairman (International Trade Commission) Trans-Pacific Pacers
490 Blair Anderson, Deputy Secretary (Department of Transportation) Foxx Trotters
495 Greg Long, Executive Director (Federal Thrift Investment Board) Team TSP
500 William Doyle, Commissioner (Federal Maritime Commission) If Youíre Not First, Youíre Ballast
505 Mario Cordero, Chairman (Federal Maritime Commission) Seas the Moment
510 Maj General Walter Piatt, Army Operations (US Army) Piattís Pavement Pounders
515 Michael Raiole, Chief of Staff, Special Projects (State Department) RACE Tomato Co.
520 Shannon Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary (State Department) Cheetahs Win
525 David Shive, CIO (GSA) Getting Seriously Active
530 Norman Dong, Public Buildings Service Commissioner (GSA) Getting Seriously Active Some More
535 Maj General Laura Richardson, Chief, Leg. Liaison (US Army) US Army (Team Black)
540 Bernard Ingold, Deputy Chief, Leg. Liaison (US Army) US Army (Team Gold)
545 John Kirby, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (State Department) Kerry-ed Across the Finish Line
550 Mike Collins, Chief of Staff to Deputy Director (CIA) Extraordinary RUNdition
555 VADM Rick Breckenridge (US Navy) Maintaining Maritime Superiority
560 Denis McDonough, Chief of Staff (White House) West Wing Runners 1
565 Jacob Leibenluft, DAP (White House) West Wing Runners 2
570 Amy Rosenbaum, AP & Director Office Leg. Affairs (White House) West Wing Runners 3
575 Brian Deese, AP & Senior Advisor (White House) West Wing Runners 4
580 Shaun Donovan, OMB Director (OMB) West Wing Runners 5
585 Amy Pope, DAP & Dep. Homeland Security Advisor (White House) West Wing Runners 6
590 Chad Kreikemeier, SAP & Senate Legislative Affairs (White House) West Wing Runners 7
595 Fiona Reeves, SAP & Dir Presidential Corresp. (White House) West Wing Runners 8
600 Kristen Kulinowski, Board Member(US Chemical Safety Board) The Runaway Reactions
605 Charles Bolden, Jr., Administrator (NASA) NASA One
610 Jonathan Herczeg, Deputy Chief of Staff (NASA) NASA Three
615 Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator (NASA) NASA Two
620 Brig General James Glynn (US Marine Corps) The ďoldĒ Corps Furious Feet
625 Sandra Salstrom, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Department of Treasury) Change for a 20
630 RADM Bruce Baffer (US Coast Guard) Team Coast Guard

(700 - 860 Orange Numbers)
700 Shawn Zeller (CQ Roll Call) News Travels Fast
705 Alex Gangitano (CQ Roll Call) Herd on the Hill
710 Danielle Newman (The Washington Post) The Honorable Mentions
715 Sara Hebel (Chronicle of Higher Education) The Chron-dash-ians
720 Daniel Berrett (Chronicle of Higher Education) Track Changes
725 Karin Fischer (Chronicle of Higher Education) Still Running
730 Kelly Field (Chronicle of Higher Education) Chronic Couriers
735 Blake Sobczak (E & E Publishing) Clean Power Plantar Fasciitis
740 Molly Moses (Bloomberg BNA) Bloombergers in Paradise
745 Rich Manville (Bloomberg BNA) Bloomberg Runs
750 Steve Roll (Bloomberg BNA) Faster Than Tax Reform
755 Phil Kushin (Bloomberg BNA) Blues Runners
760 Amanda Reilly (Greenwire) The Defeat Devices
765 Sandra Block (Kiplinger) Kip Joggers
770 John Miley (Kiplinger) Kip Runners
775 Lisa Babb (Kiplinger) Kip Walkers
780 Caitlin Peters (AARP the Magazine) Speedgrumps
785 Bill Horne (AARP the Magazine) Antique Roadshow
790 Betsy Agnvall (AARP the Magazine) Thereís an AARP for That!
795 Kelyn Soong (Washington Post) First Edition
800 David Montgomery (Washington Post) Second Edition
805 Timothy Homan (Morning Consult) Make Morning Great Again
810 Caitlin Ownes (Morning Consult) Millennial Consult
815 Mark Drajem (Bloomberg News) Bloomberg: We Entered this Race
820 Derek Wallbank (Bloomberg News) Bloombergs Not Running but We Are
825 Greg Stohr (Bloomberg News) Zoomberg
830 Tim Appenzeller (Science Magazine) Makiní Gravity Waves
835  Stephen Ohlemacher (AP) AP Ahead I
840 Darlene Superville (AP) AP Ahead II
845 Rich Stone (Science Magazine) The Fast and the Curious
850 Rich Monastersky (Nature) Read in Tooth & Claw
855 Paul Fain (Inside Higher Ed) The Quick Takes
860 Jamey Fry (Washington Business Journal) Business in Front, Party in Back

(1100 - 1225 Grey Numbers)
1100 James Stevenson (VOA) Verbifying Our Athletes
1105 Dickerson John (CBS News: Face the Nation) Race The Nation
1110 Blake Burman (Fox Business News) FBN: The Power to Perspire
1115 Pam Fessler (NPR) The Radio Wave Makers
1120 Jon Hamilton (NPR) Left End of the Mile
1125 Danielle Kurtzleben (NPR) Left End of the Mile
1130 Kevin Leahy (NPR) Left End of the Mile
1135 Brakkton Booker (NPR) Make America Race Again
1140 Scott Detrow (NPR) Make America Race Again
1145 Rachel Martin (NPR) Run the One Youíre With
1150 Jason Beaubien (NPR) Slow News Daze
1155 Adam Cole (NPR) Slow News Daze
1160 Eyder Peralta (NPR) The NPR Fun App
1165 Tamara Keith (NPR) The Plodcasters
1170 Neda Ulaby (NPR) Ulaby the Winner? NPR
1175 David Welna (NPR) Waves of Steel
1180 Miranda Green (Scripps News) Pre(Scripps)tion for Speed
1185 Ross Jones (Scripps News) The Scrippsations
1190 Brian Naylor (NPR) Run Like the Windham
1195 Debra Alfarone (WUSA-9) As You Can See Behind Me. . .
1200 Garrett Haake (WUSA-9) As You Can See Behind Me. . .
1205 Stephanie Ramirez (WUSA-9) As You Can See Behind Me. . .
1210 Matt Yurus (WUSA-9) As You Can See Behind Me. . .
1215 Andrea McCarren (WUSA-9) You Bleed. We Lead.
1220 Adam Longo (WUSA-9) You Bleed. We Lead.
1225 Margaret Brennan (CBS News) We Run for the News

1400 - 1455 Blue Numbers)
1400 Judge Brett Kavanaugh (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) D.C. Circuitry
1405 Judge Roy McLeese (DC Court of Appeals) Bluebookiní It
1410 Judge Cornelia Pillard (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Canít estop Wonít estop
1415 Judge Sri Srinivasan (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Beyond a Sri-sonable Doubt
1420 Judge Florence Pan (DC Superior Court) Catch Me if You PAN/UnbrOKUN
1425 Judge Robert Okun (DC Superior Court) Catch Me if You PAN/UnbrOKUN
1430 Judge Darlene Soltys (DC Superior Court) Team Probate
1435 Judge Randolph Moss (US District Court for DC) Race Ipsa Slowquitur
1440 Judge Kathleen Kerrigan (US Tax Court) Run, Tax, Run
1445 Judge Raymond Chen (Federal Circuit Court of Appeals) Learned Feet
1450 Judge Tanya Chutkan (US District Court for DC) With All Deliberate Speed
1455 Judge Robert Wilkins (US Court of Appeals; DC Circuit) I Would Find 4 U

(4000 - 4030 Yellow Numbers)
4000 Meb Keflezighi Celebrity Runner
4005 Nathan Davern (Federal Govít Relations) MassMutual
4010 Mary Kertz (Federal Govít Relations) MassMutual
4015 Kate Kiernan (Vice President) ACLI
4020 Thomas Samoluk (Vice President) John Hancock Financial
4025 James Gallagher (Executive Vice President) John Hancock
4030 Kimberly Welsh (Vice President) RGA