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(5 - 10 Violet Numbers)
5 Senator Shelley Capito (R-WV) The Miner League
10 Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Hot Mess

(100 - 125 Green Numbers)
100 Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI) Team Gallagher
105 Representative James Comer (R-KY) The Kentucky Gentlemen
110 Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) Houla Team
115 Representative Jared Golden (D-ME) Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast
120 Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN) Not Running for Re-Election
125 Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) Le(a)vin the Competition Behind  

(400 - 475 White Numbers)
400 Deb Stempowski, Asst Assoc Director (Census Bureau) Our Census Indicates Slowing Down
405 Jason Kearns, Chair (US International Trade Commission) Running Tariffied
410 David Waddington, Chief, Social Economist (Census Bureau) Get 2020 Behind Us
415 Carol Spahn, CEO (Peace Corps We’re Baaack!No More Peace Corps-antine
420 Scott Beale, Associate Director (Peace Corps) We’re Baaack!No More Peace Corps-antine
425 Robin Hutcheson, Acting Administrator (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) Pete’s Feet
430 Jennifer Abruzzo, General Counsel (National Labor Relations Board) Motivating Factors
435 Donna Navarro, Deputy Asst Commandant (US Coast Guard) Sailors With a Running Problem
440 Kristen Clarke, Asst Attorney General/Civil Rights (Justice Department, Civil Rights Division) Exercising Our Rights
445 Raymond Limon, Vice Chairman (Merit Systems Protection Board) The Board is Back
450 Tristan Leavitt, Member (Merit Systems Protection Board) The Board is Back
455 Elizabeth Prelogar, Solicitor General (Department of Justice) May It Please the Course
460 Sri Kulkarni, Director of External Affairs (AmeriCorps) We Run AmeriCorps
465 Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Commissioner (Federal Trade Commission) FTC – Faster Than Competition
470 John Morton, Counselor to Secretary (Treasury Department) Hamilton’s Harriers
475 Tammy Reno, Chief Legal Program US Attorneys (Department of Justice) Justice League


(700 - 830 Orange Numbers)

700 Kevin Uhrmacher (The Washington Post) NPM Run Start
705 Bill Horne (AARP The Magazine) Fossil Fueled
710 CC Gachet (AARP The Magazine) The (Hot) Flashes
715 Libby Rivera-Pagan (AARP The Magazine) Usual Symptoms Fatigue Nausea Body Aches
720 Darlene Superville (Associated Press) First Lede Wrun Thru  
725 Pamela King (E & E News/Politico) SPE&EDSTERS
730 Robin Bravender (E & E News/Politico) ENERGE&E
735 Peter Feltman (CQ Roll Call/Fiscal Note) News Travels Fast
740 Ariel Cohen (CQ Roll Call/Fiscal Note) CQ At the Finish Line
745 Sara Forden (Bloomberg News) Vroomberg
750 Jason Dick (CQ Roll Call/Fiscal Note) Scrum on the Run
755 Molly Moses (Law360) Pacers
760 Bryan Koenig (Law 360) Bench Watchers
765 Jayne Orenstein (The Washington Post) Visual FoRUNsics
770 Jack Butler (National Review) Runners Athwart History
775 Mike Dorning (Bloomberg News) Zoomberg
780 Tim Appenzeller (Science Magazine) We’ll Show You the Evidence
785 Jocelyn Kaiser (Science Magazine) STEM Winders
790 Fawn Johnson (Bloomberg Industry Group) Aggressive Foxes
795 Zach Cohen (Bloomberg Industry Group) Fourth Estate Flyers
800 Jonathan Reid (Bloomberg Industry Group) OmicRUN
805 Paige Smith Bloomberg Industry Group) Build Back Nevers
810 Stephen Reilly (Grid) Grid Your Loins
815 Sarah Brown (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Chronline Learners
820 Goldie Blumenstyk (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Zoom School
825 Francie Diep (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Quick Studies
830 Ron Coddington (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Out of Chrontext


(1100 - 1215 Grey Numbers)
1100 Carolyn Presutti (Voice of America) Worst Pace Scenario
1105 Adam Longo (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Some Major Breaking Shoes
1110 John Henry (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Some Major Breaking Shoes
1115 Evan Koslof (WUSA9-TV) Standby for Some Major Breaking Shoes
1120 Nathan Baca (WUSA9-TV) Team Quick Turn
1125 Casey Nolen (WUSA9-TV) Chasing Color Bars
1130 James Stevenson (Voice of America) We’re Running Behind, It’s Thursday
1135 Jared Halpern (Fox News Channel) Fast, Formidable, Fox
1145 Tamara Keith (NPR) Running Through Midterms
1150 Scott Detrow (NPR) Running Through Midterms
1155 Kat Lonsdorf (NPR) Making Radio Waves
1160 Monika Evstatieva (NPR) Making Radio Waves
1165 Elena Moore (NPR) Running Edition – It’s 5AM Somewhere
1170 Neda Ulaby (NPR) Racing Toward the Deadline
1175 Pien Huang (NPR) Racing Toward the Deadline
1185 Becky Sullivan (NPR) NPR-Will Run with Sources
1190 Miles Parks (NPR) Stick a Mic in It
1195 Tom Bowman (NPR) Calluses Net Callousness
1200 Marc Silver (NPR) Totebags Are Our Copilots
1205 Rebecca Ramirez (NPR) How I Ran That
1210 Emily Kwong (NPR) It’s Been Quite a Few Minutes
1215 Salem Fekadu (Voice of America) Barely Breathing Broadcasters


1400 - 1515 Blue Numbers)


Judge Cornelia Pillard (US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit)

The Washington Running Team


Judge Raymond Chen (US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit)

Learned Feet


Judge Florence Pan (US District Court for DC)

PANcakes After


Judge Trevor McFadden (US District Court for DC)

Race Judicata


Judge Catharine Easterly (DC Court of Appeals)

Ad Hoc Racers


Judge Patrick Urda (US Tax Court)

Running is Taxing


Judge Kathleen Kerrigan (US Tax Court)

Running is Taxing Part II


Judge Tanya Chutkan (US District Court, DC)

Cool Runnings


Judge Heidi Pasichow (DC Superior Court)

As Good as it Gaits


Judge Jia Cobb (US District Court for DC)

The ThingamaCobbs


Judge Robert Okun (DC Superior Court)

Easier Said Than Run


Judge Craig Iscoe (DC Superior Court)

Easier Said Than Run


Judge Maribeth Raffinan (DC Superior Court)

No Risk of Flight


Judge Michael O’Keefe (DC Superior Court)

No Risk of Flight


Judge Randolph Moss (US District Court for DC)

Right to a Speedy Mile


Judge Tanya Jones Bosier (Superior Court for DC)

Team KBJ


Judge Tyrona DeWitt (Superior Court for DC)

Team KBJ


Judge Rahkel Bouchet (Superior Court for DC)

Team KBJ


Judge Carmen McClean (Superior Court for DC)

Team KBJ


Judge Ebony Scott (Superior Court for DC)

Team KBJ


Judge Sri Srinivasan (US Court of Appeals for DC)

Sri's Company


(4000 - 4090 Yellow Numbers)

4000 Keira D’Amato Celebrity Runner
4005 Tom Samoluk (Vice President) John Hancock
4010 David Mitchell (Executive VP) Boston Mutual
4015 Marty McGuiness (Vice President) Unum
4020 Jonathan Wismer (CFO) Resolution Life
4025 Jon Paone (Vice President) New York Life
4030 Whytne Brooks (Vice President) New York Life
4035 Christine Peloghitis (Sr Vice President & COO) Canada Life
4040 Maurice Perkins (Senior Vice President) Transamerica
4045 Karyn Polak (Senior VP/General Counsel) Transamerica
4050 Neil Sprackling (President US Life & Health) Swiss Re
4055 John Hughes (Sr Vice President & Gov’t Relations) USAA
4060 John Laughlin (Executive Vice President) RGA
4065 Kimberly Ross (Senior Vice President) ACLI
4070 Clete Willems (Partner) Akin Gump
4080 Adrian Griggs (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer) Pacific Life
4090 David Ward Chief Sustainability Officer) Brighthouse Financial