The 33rd Annual ACLI Capital Challenge

2014 Award Winners

Place & Category Name Team Time
Individual Winners      
1st Male - Overall Patrick Fernandez Team Coast Guard, US Coast Guard 14:59
1st Female - Overall Erin Taylor Human "Capitol" Running Club, GSA 17:43
1st Senator - Male Sen Rob Portman Team Portman 25:04
1st Senator - Female Sen Kay Hagan Ragin' Hagans 35:15
1st Rep. - Male Rep Tom Cotton Cotton Tail Rabbits 18:29
(Mike Synar Award) Rep Kyrsten Sinema Hot Mess 25:05
1st Rep. - Female      
1st Agency Head - Male Daniel Elliott Team STB, Surface Transportation Board 21:38
1st Sub-Cabinet - Male Joshua Dickson Pritzker's Pacers - Department of Commerce 18:58
1st Sub-Cabinet - Female Amanda Ravitz S.E.C. UL8tr, Securities & Exchange Commission 22:18
1st Fed.Judge - Male Judge Robert Okun Rocket Dockets, DC Superior Court 20:47
1st Fed Judge- Female Judge Nina Pillard Expedited Motions I, US Court of Appeals; DC Circuit 23:20
1st Print Journalist-Male Blake Sobczak Emissions: Impassible, Environment & Energy Publishing 17:59
1st Print Journalist-Female Kelly Field Chronic Condition, Chronicle of Higher Education 19:17
1st Electronic Journ.-Male Jon Hamilton Hamstrung, NPR 19:02
1st ElectronicJourn.-Female Lulu Miller Aural Talents, NPR 21:23


Winning Teams    
Overall Team Winner    
Senator Richard G. Lugar Award Team Coast Guard US Coast Guard
1st Senate Team Team Portman Sen Rob Portman
2nd Senate Team Team Grassley Sen Charles Grassley
1st House Team Red, White & Blumenauer Rep Earl Blumenauer
2nd House Team Cotton Tail Rabbits Rep Tom Cotton
1st Executive Branch Team Team Coast Guard US Coast Guard
2nd Executive Branch Team Navy's Global Force for Speed US Navy
1st Print Media Team Chronic Condition The Chronicle of Higher Education
2nd Print Media Team The Daily Ballers The Daily Callers
1st Electronic Media Team FBN: The Power to Perspire Fox Business News
2nd Electronic Media Team Hamstrung NPR
1st Judicial Team D.C. Circuitry US Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit
2nd Judicial Team Expediated Motions I US Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit
Team Name Winners    
Best Named Team No Census Running When Jogging Allowed Census Bureau
2nd Best Name Redacted  
3rd Best Name Carbon Foot Prints Climate Wire
Worst Named Team
   (James B. Kenin Award-1st)
WUSA-News Your Daddy WUSA-TV
2nd Worst Name Daily Baller The Daily Baller
3rd Worst Name Frack You Environment & Energy Publishing