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(5 - 35 Violet Numbers)

 5 Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) Team Portman
10 Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) Reed’s Rangers
15 Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) Revenge of the Flying Unicornyn’s
20 Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) Ragin’ Hagans
25 Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) Team Grassley
35 Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) Mantador Harriers


(100 - 190 Green Numbers)
100 Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA) Quaker State Quicksteppers
105 Representative Shelley Capito (R-WV) Miner League
110 Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Red White & Blumenauer
115 Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) Scalise’s Second Liners
120 Representative Josè Serrano (D-NY) Serrano Peppers
125 Representative Bill Huizenga (R-MI) Huizenga’s Dutch Mafia
130 Representative Tom Cotton (R-AR) Cotton Tail Rabbits
135 Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Swall’s Well That Ends Well
140 Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) The Hot Rods
145 Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) Team Graves
150 Representative Chris Gibson (R-NY) The Home Team
155 Representative Marc Veasey (D-TX) ‘Merica’s Team
160 Representative Cheri Bustos (D-IL) Cheri Blossoms
165 Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Making a Good Latte
170 Representative Michael Turner (R-OH) Cooler Than the Winter Vortex
175 Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) Team Rocketship
180 Representative David Schweikert (R-AZ) Arizona Road Runners
185 Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Hot Mess
190 Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN) Team Cooper


(400 - 630 White Numbers)
400 William Doyle, Commissioner (Federal Maritime Commission) Federal Maritime Commission Dreadnaught Convoy
405 Mario Cordero, Chairman (Federal Maritime Commission) Federal Maritime Commission - Full Steam Ahead
410 Rebecca Dye, Commissioner (Federal Maritime Commission) Federal Maritime Commission Dye Hards
415 Dan Elliott, Chairman (Surface Transportation Board) STB
420 Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer (Census Bureau) Broken Down by Age and Sex
425 Paul Ryan, Assistant Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Nukebusters
430 Huban Gowadia, Director (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Gamma Goblins
435 Joel Rynes, Assistant Director (Department of Homeland Security) Glow Worms
440 Enrique Lamas, Assoc Director Demo Program (Census Bureau) Lost Pace
445 Doug Clift, Program Manager (Census Bureau) No Census Running When Jogging Allowed
450 Joseph Gozowski (Principal Deputy Inspector General, US Army) Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect
455 Shirin Ahmed, Assistant Director (Census Bureau) We Run Confidence Intervals
460 Amanda Ravitz, Assistant Director (Securities & Exchange Commission) S.E.C. UL8tr
465 Jerry Williams, CIO (Department of Education) Tech Fast
470 John Hurt, CFO (Department of Education) The Customer Connection
475 Asim Mishra, Chief of Staff (Corporation for National & Community Service) You’ve Been ‘SERVED’
480 Rear Admiral Bruce Baffer (US Coast Guard) Team Coast Guard
485 Meredith Broadbent, Commissioner (International Trade Commission) Balance of Pavements
490 Tony Costa, Chief Human Capital Officer (GSA) Human “Capitol” Running Club
495 Julie Brill, Commissioner (Federal Trade Commission) Federal Tread Commission
500 Greg Long, Exec Director (Federal Thrift Investment Board) Team TSP
505 John Norris, Commissioner (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Regs With Legs
510 Mark Washington, Chief Performance Officer (Department of Education) A Leg Up for America’s Students
515 Gregory Vogle, Regional Affairs (State Department) Unidentified Speedy Group
520 Randy Wood, Chief, Global Terrorism Analysis (CIA) License to Run
525 Chris Savos, Dep Director, Weapons Intelligence (CIA) (Redacted)
530 Rear Admiral Rick Breckenridge (US Navy) Navy’s Global Force for Speed
535 Victor Mendez, Acting Deputy Sec’y (Department of Transportation) Foxx Trotters
540 Kathryn Thomson, General Counsel (Department of Transportation) Running on Empty-Highway Trust Fund Track Club
545 Bryan Sivak, CTO (Department of Health & Human Services) Snowball’s Chance in Health
550 David Radzanowski, Chief of Staff (NASA) International Race Station
555 Bryan Diederich (NASA) Run Like the Solar Wind
560 Jonathan Herczeg, White House Liaison (NASA) Eat Our Oort Cloud
565 Michael Kortan, Assistant Director (FBI) Wouldn’t You Rather be FBI?
570 Kathleen Canning, Special Assistant (FBI) FBI, It Does a Body Good
575 France Cordova, Director (National Science Foundation) NSF, Stars and Striders
580 Kathleen Mellody, DAS; Banking & Finance (Department of Treasury) Moving Money
585 Patrick Grant, DAS; International (Department of Treasury) Moving Money
580 Jennifer Fowler, DAS; Terrorism Financing (Department of Treasury) Moving Money
585 Alastair Fitzpayne, Asst Sec’y; Legislative Affairs (Department of Treasury) Take the Money and RunRun
600 Sandra Salstrom, DAS; Tax & Budget (Department of Treasury) Take the Money and Run
605 Joan Mooney, Asst Sec’y; Congressional Affairs (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) Veterans Affairs Runners
610 Matthew Erskine, Asst Sec’y; Economic Developm’t (Department of Commerce) Keeping Commerce Running
615 Stephanie Valencia, Deputy Chief of Staff (Department of Commerce) Pritzker’s Pacers
620 Christopher Lu, Deputy Secretary (Department of Labor) Train and Pray
625 Matthew Colangelo, Chief of Staff (Department of Labor) Train and Pray
630 Seema Nanda, Deputy Chief of Staff (Department of Labor) Train and Pray
635 Dennis McDonough, Chief of Staff to the President Camp David Counselors (Team 1)
640 Amy Brundage, Deputy  Director White House Communications Camp David Counselors (Team 2)
645 John Podesta, Couselor to the President Camp David Counselors (Team 2)
650 Howard Shelanski, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, OMB Camp David Counselors (Team 3)


(700 - 905 Orange Numbers)
700 Tucker Carlson (The Daily Caller) The Daily Ballers
705 Jeffrey Mervis (AAAS/Science) The Science/AAAS Kickers
710 Tim Appenzeller(AAAS/Science) The Fast and the Curious
715 Cara Kelly(The Washington Post) Attack of the Drones
720 Leonard Bernstein (The Washington Post) WaPo Prime
725 Danielle Newman (The Washington Post) The Honorable Mentions
730 Umair Irfan (Climatewire) The Carbon Footprints
735 Denny Gainer (USA Today) These Colors Run
740 Daniel Peake (CQ Roll Call) CQ RC Edit Orioles
745 Christina Bellantoni CQ Roll Call) CQ RC Herd on the Hill
750 Scott Campbell CQ Roll Call) CQ RC News Travels Fast
755 Robin Bravender (Environment & Energy Publishing) Frack You
760 Amanda Peterka(Environment & Energy Publishing) Emissions: Impassible
765 Ben Geman (National Journal) Really Nat Jo Average Runners
770 Fawn Johnson (National Journal) Nat Jo Average Runners
775 Humberto Sanchez (Roll Call) The Van B Boys
780 Eric Kelderman (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Chronological Disorder
785 Sara Hebel (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Out of Chrontext
790 Kelly Field(The Chronicle of Higher Education) Chronic Condition
795 Barbara Marcus (Kiplinger) Kip Walkers
800 John Miley (Kiplinger) The Sweepliners
805 Courtenay Mullen (Kiplinger) Kip Joggers
810 Peter Blank (Kiplinger) Kip’s JV
815 David Sands (The Washington Times) Feetal Attraction
820 Richard Monastersky (Nature America) Nature Calls
825 Lori Kelley (Washington Post Express) The Bezosantine Empire
830 Vicky Hallett (Washington Post Express) Our Mom’s Say We’re Express-ial
835 Brendan Murray (Bloomberg News) Terminal Velocity
840 Mark Drajem (Bloomberg News) Bloomberg Pantry Raiders
845 Greg Stohr (Bloomberg News) Zoomberg
850 David Malakoff (AAAS/Science) At the Speed of Science
855 Bill Horne (AARP) Run Like the Winded
860 Nicole Shea (AARP) The Running Jokes
865 Rick Manville (Bloomberg BNA) At the Speed of Tax Reform
870 Molly Moses (Bloomberg BNA) BBNA: Keeping Up With the Latest
875 Michael Loatman (Bloomberg BNA) The Busy B’s
880 Miranda Green (Scripps News) Running on Deadline
885 Bartholomew Sullivan (Scripps Washington Bureau) Scripps Scribes
890 Jamey Fry (Washington Business Journal) Washington Business Journal
895 Michael Stratford (Inside Higher Ed) The Undermatched
900 Ken Thomas (AP) Accelerated Press
905 Darlene Superville (AP) Wired Up, Ready to Go


(1100 - 1285 Grey Numbers)


James Stevenson (Voice of America) Not Our Asphalt We’re Slow


Sonny Young (Voice of America) It’s VOA not DOA


Jon Hamilton (NPR) Hamstrung


Shirish Date (NPR) Hamstrung


David Welna (NPR) Wait, Wait Don’t Trip


Adam Cole (NPR) Wait, Wait Don’t Trip


Tamara Keith (NPR) Pledge Weak in the Knees


Gene Demby (NPR) Aural Talents


Art Silverman (NPR) Aural Talents


Lulu Miller (NPR) Aural Talents


Tom Bowman (NPR) National Plodding Radio


Monika Evstantieva (NPR) News Chasers


Neda Ullaby (NPR) Haaga’s Hotsteppers


Elise Hu (NPR) Feet in Mouth


Pam Fessler (NPR) Nippers at Your Heels


Brakkton Booker (NPR) Booker’s Bookers


Jason Beaubien (NPR) Jason’s Golden Feets


Autria Godfrey (WJLA-TV) ABC7 On Your Stride


Kendis Gibson (WJLA-TV) ABC7 On Your Stride


Kris Van Cleave (WJLA-TV) ABC7 On Your Stride


Kevin Lewis (WJLA-TV) ABC7 On Your Stride


Shannon Bream (Fox News Channel) Fox: Fair & New Balanced


Rich Edson (Fox Business Network) FBN: The Power to Perspire


David Preston (WTOP) Aches & Pains on the 8’s


Paula Wolfson (WTOP) Aches & Pains on the 8’s


Chris Cichon (WTOP) Aches & Pains on the 8’s


Jeff Pegues (CBS News) Crashing into Finish Lines


Margaret Brennan (CBS News) The International Incidents


Nancy Cordes (CBS News) Shutting Down Competition, Not the Government


Mark Albert (CBS News) Less Than 60 Minute Milers


Erica Grow (WUSA-TV) WUSA-News Your Daddy?


Mola Lenghi (WUSA-TV) WUSA-News Your Daddy?


Dave Owens (WUSA-TV) WUSA-News Your Daddy?


Russ Ptacek (WUSA-TV) WUSA-News Your Daddy?


Debra Alfarone (WUSA-TV) WUSA’s Total Run Time: SLOW


Andrea McCarren (WUSA-TV) WUSAs Total Run Time: SLOW


Kristen Berset (WUSA-TV) WUSA’s Total Run Time: SLOW


Nikki Burdine (WUSA-TV) WUSA’s Total Run Time SLOW


1400 - 1455 Blue Numbers)
1400 Judge Brett Kavanaugh (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) D. C. Circuitry
1405 Judge Russell Canan (DC Superior Court) Canan’s Canons
1410 Judge Richard Morrison (US Tax Court) W-2, W-2 Furious
1415 Judge Jimmie Reyna (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) The Infringers
1420 Judge Kathleen Kerrigan (US Tax Court) Run Tax Run
1425 Judge Raymond Chen (Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) Untimely Motions
1430 Judge Nina Pillard (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Expedited Motions
1435 Judge Jay Plager (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) Exercising Judicial Power
1440 Judge John McCabe (DC Superior Court) Rocket Dockets
1445 Judge Robert Okun (DC Superior Court) Rocket Dockets
1450 Judge Heidi Pasichow (DC Superior Court) Expedited Motions
1455 Judge Catherine Easterly (DC Court of Appeals) Swift Justice


(4000 - 4070 Yellow Numbers)
4000 Shalane Flanagan Celebrity Runner
4005 Dean Pappas VP, Nationwide on Your Sidewinders
4010 John Laughlin Exec Vice Pres., RGA
4015 Patrick Davies Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy
4020 Thomas Samoluk VP, John Hancock
4025 Susan Fuller Controller, Hanover Life
4030 Dirk Kempthorne President, ACLI
4040 SSgt Michael Malarsie USAF (Ret), Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
4045 Nathan Davern Federal Gov’t Relations, Mass Mutual Financial Group
4050 Jacqueline Policastro Bureau Chief, Lilly Broadcasting
4055 Lauren Adams Washington Correspondent, Lilly Broadcasting
4060 Mariam Khan Washington Correspondent, Lilly Broadcasting
4070 Mo Goff VP, ACLI