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(5 - 35 Violet Numbers)

5 Senator Shelley Capito (R-WV) Wild and Run-Der-Ful
10 Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) Cotton
15 Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) Reedís Rangers
20 Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) Team Portman
25 Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) Team Grassley
30 Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) First in the NationÖvoting, not running

(100 - 175 Green Numbers)
100 Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA) Cartwright Before the Horse
105 Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Red, White & Blumenauer
110 Representative Bill Huizenga (R-MI) Tilting At Windmills
115 Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL) The Hot Rods
120 Representative Marc Veasey (D-TX) Americaís Team
125 Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) The Southern Tier Striders
130 Representative Rick Allen (R-GA) Green Jacket Racing Team
135 Representative Cheri Bustos (D-IL) Cheri Blossoms
140 Representative Tim Walz (D-MN) Donít Hit the Walz
145 Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) Team Graves
150 Representative Chris Gibson (R-NY) Weíre Not Fast Trackers
155 Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN) Cooper
160 Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Swalswell that Ends Well
165 Representative Michael Turner (R-OH) Run for the Recess
170 Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) Hot Mess
175 Representative Garret Graves R- LA Team Garret Graves 
180 Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) Scalise's Second Liners
185 Representative Mia Love (R-UT) Team Love

(400 - 600 White Numbers)
400 Howard Hogan, Chief Demographer (Census Bureau) Don't DisCOUNT CensUS
405 Terrell McSweeney, Commissioner (Federal Trade Commission) Fast Tread Company
410 Mario Cordero, Chairman (Federal Maritime Commission) Against the Tide
415 Paul Ryan, Asst Dir., (Dept of Homeland Security) (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) DNDO FunRunners
420 William Doyle, Commissioner (Federal Maritime Commission) Navigational Beacons
430 Shosana Lew, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Department of Transportation) Foxx Trotters
435 Anthony Costa, Senior Advisor (General Services Administration) Getting Service Accomplished (GSA)
440 Huban Gowadia, Dir., Dept of Homeland Security (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Gamma Goblins
445 Brett Davis, Assistant Secretary for Tech Affairs (State Department) eMail eRacers
450 Andrew Gilmour, Dir., Corp Resources (CIA) Known Unknowns
455 Enrique Lamas, Associate Director (Census Bureau) Donít Count Us Out
460 Meredith Broadbent, Chairman (International Trade Commission) ITC
465 Shirin Ahmed, Assistant Director (Census Bureau) Statistically Significant, But Slow
470 Greg Long, Executive Director (Federal Thrift Investment Board) Team TSP
475 David Radzanowski, Chief Financial Officer NASA) The A-Train
480 Al Condes, Deputy Assoc. Administrator (NASA) HyperSonics
485 Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator (NASA) Race Launch System
490 Amanda Ravitz, Assistant Director (Securities & Exchange Commission) Team SEC: Our Speed Stops Greed
495 Thomas Skelly, Chief Financial Officer (Department of Education) Fiscal EdóWeíre in the Money
500 Joel Rymes, Asst Dir., Dept of Homeland Security (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) Nuke: Just Detect It
505 Sandra Salstrom, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Department of Treasury) Take the Money and Run
510 Anne Wall, Counselor to the Secretary (Department of Treasury) Moving Money
515 Doug Clift, Chief Office of Risk Management (Census Department) Can You Census Behind You?
520 Shannon Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary (State Department, Bureau of African Affairs) Cheetahs Win
525 Keith Wilson, Chief Information Officer (Department of Education) Not-so-fast-ED-ee
530 RADM Rick Breckenridge (US Navy) Global Force for Speed
535 RADM Bruce Baffer (US Coast Guard) Team Coast Guard
540 John Hurt, Chief Financial Officer (Department of Education) The Customer Connection
545 Tim Soltis, Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Department of Education) Young and the Rest of Us
550 Teresa Gerton, Deputy Assistant Secretary (Department of Labor) Jobs from Above
555 Penny Pritzker, Secretary (Department of Commerce) Pritzkerís Pacers
560 Joshua Dickson, Dir., Faith Based Initiatives (Department of Commerce) Pritzkerís Pacers
565 Joseph Guzowski, Principal Deputy, IG (Department of the Army, Inspector General) Will Run for Allegations
570 Norman Bay, Chairman (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) FERC
575 Vanessa Sutherland, Chief Counsel (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) Highway Trust Funders Runniní on Empty
580 Denis McDonough, Chief of Staff (White House) Camp Davidís Counselors Ė 1
585 Crystal Carson, Special Assistant (White House) Camp Davidís Counselors Ė 2
590 Jeff Stephens, Confirmation Director (White House) Camp Davidís Counselors Ė 3
595 Chris Lu, Deputy Secretary (Department of Labor) Where 10:10 Always Beats 7:25
600 Asim Mishra, Chief of Staff (Corporation for National & Community Service) Youíve Been Served

(700 - 875 Orange Numbers)
700 David Montgomery (The Washington Post) Second Edition
705 Amanda Hicks (The Washington Post) First Edition
710 Danielle Newman (The Washington Post) The Honorable Mentions
715 Nina Heikkinen (ClimateWire) Senate Snowball Clean-up Committee
720 Don Troop (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Irregular Chartbeat
725 Pete Gibb (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Rough Striders
730 Kelly Field (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Chronic Condition
735 Sarah Hebel (The Chronicle of Higher Education) House of Chrons
740 Derek Wallbank (Bloomberg News) The Bloomberg Way Behind
745 Greg Stohr (Bloomberg News) Zoomberg
750 Mark Drajem (Bloomberg News) Bloomberg: Fueled by Kale, 12oz Sodas
755 Fawn Johnson (National Journal) Still Not the National Review
760 Amanda Peterka (Greenwire) Running Out of Greenhouse Gas
765 Phil Kushin (Bloomberg BNA) Time for me to File
770 Steve Roll (Bloomberg BNA) Fast Bloomers
775 Melissa Fernley (Bloomberg BNA) Running on Deadline
780 Kristen Page-Kirby (Washington Post Express) Washington Post (Not So) Express
785 Bill Horne (AARP) Flock of Geez
790 Veronica Segovia (AARP) 50+ Shades of Gray
795 Blake Sobczak (EnergyWire) Canít Carbon Capture Us
800 Rich Monastersky (Nature Magazine) Flaws of Nature
805 Jeffrey Mervis (Science Magazine) Sci of Relief
810 Darlene Superville (AP) AP Ahead of the Pack
815 Stephen Ohlemacher (AP) AP Ahead of the Pack II
820 Chris Hale (CQ Roll Call) CQ Roll Call Herd on the Hill
825 Shawn Zeller (CQ Roll Call) CQ Roll Call News Travels Fast
830 Christina Bellantoni (CQ Roll Call) CQ Roll Call Edit Orioles
835  Arden Farhi (CBS News) The News is Fast
840 TimAppenzeller (Science Magazine) Stem Winders
845 Ben Geman (National Journal) Hereís Why NJís team Name Matters
850 David Sands (The Washington Times) All About that Pace (No Wobble)
855 Barbara Marcus (Kiplinger) Kip Walkers
860 Peter Blank (Kiplinger) Kip Joggers
865 John Miley (Kiplinger) Kiplinger
870 Michael Stratford (Inside Higher Education) The MucKracers
875 Jamey Fry (Washington Business Journal) Itís Business Time

(1100 - 1225 Grey Numbers)
1100 Heather Maxwell (Voice of America) The Better Looking VOA Team
1105 Sonny Young (Voice of America) Mellifluous Movers, Not Strident Striders
1110 Richard Edson (Fox Business News) FBN: The Power to Perspire
1115 James Stevenson (Voice of America) VOA- Velocity Over Age
1120 Dave Preston (WTOP Radio) Breaking News, Tearing Tendons
1125 Paula Wolfson (WTOP Radio) Breaking News, Tearing Tendons
1130 Kevin Leahy (NPR) Chafed Nippers
1135 Neda Ulaby (NPR) Cranberry Relish the Run
1140 Tom Bowman (NPR) I Canít Believe that You Believe That
1150 Jason Beaubien (NPR) Joggers 4 Jarl (Soft ďJĒ)
1155 Jasmine Garsd (NPR) Laps Make Me Singh
1160 Brakkton Booker (NPR) No Pressure, Really
1165 Brian Naylor (NPR) NPR Megahurts
1170 Pam Fessler (NPR) Races for Faces for Radio
1175 Art Silverman (NPR) Running on M-T-E
1180 Jon Hamilton (NPR) The Fast and the Curious
1185 Tamara Keith NPR) The Mohn-ing Runners
1190 David Welna (NPR) Tote Bag Trotters
1195 Marilyn Geewax (NPR) Wait, Wait, Weíll Catch Up
1200 Miranda Green (Scripps News) Long Winded
1205 Amanda Kost (Scripps News) Finish Your Scripps on Time
1210 Erica Grow (WUSA-9) Hereís the Rundown: WUSA9 Rocks
1215 Andrea McCarren (WUSA-9) Hereís the Rundown: WUSA9 Rocks
1220 Larry Miller (WUSA-9) Hereís the Rundown: WUSA9 Rocks
1225 Debra Alfarone (WUSA-9) Hereís the Rundown: WUSA9 Rocks

1400 - 1470 Blue Numbers)
1400 Judge Raymond Chen (US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit) Untimely Motion
1405 Judge Cornelia Pillard (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Failure to Exhaust
1410 Judge Roy McLeese (DC Court of Appeals) BanaAppeals
1415 Judge Patricia Millett (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Equitable Strolling
1420 Judge Jimmie Reyna (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) Inventive Steps
1425 Judge Brett Kavanaugh (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) D.C. Circuitry
1430 Judge Sri Srinivasan (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) Sriís Company
1435 Judge Tanya Chutkan (US District Court for DC) Article III Miles
1440 Judge Russell Canan (DC Superior Court) Cananís Cannons
1445 Judge Robert Wilkins (US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit) Article III-Minute Mile
1450 Judge Kathleen Kerrigan (US Tax Court) Running on Taxes
1455 Judge Catharine Easterly (DC Court of Appeals) All Deliberate Speed
1465 Judge Florence Pan (DC Superior Court) Clearly Superior
1470 Judge Randolph Moss (US District Court for DC) Justice Delayed

(4000 - 4045 Yellow Numbers)
4000 Dathan Ritzenhein Celebrity Runner
4005 Kim Welch VP, RGA
4010 Nathan Daven Federal Govít Relations, MassMutual
4015 Mary Kertz Federal Govít Relations, MassMutual
4020 Thomas Samoluk VP, John Hancock
4025 Dirk Kempthorne CEO, ACLI
4030 Patrick Davies Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy
4035 Maj Joseph Link (Ret) Fideco Guide Dog Foundation
4040 Lt Bradley Snyder (Ret) Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
4045 Jackie Kucinich The Daily Beast